Jovial Recipes


Such a beautiful place to learn and eat and share, with lovely teachers and kind people.  So happy when I asked my mom if this was a crazy idea she didn’t think so! Thank you all for such a wonderful time!


Staying at the villa together, this group has quickly changed from a group of travelers with shared dietary needs to a family. This family could not have come together without the care of Carla, Paola, Lorenzo and Heidi. Carla’s classes were exactly what I hope for.

Jenn & Mark

The trip to Lucca was a dream come true. Carla, Lorenzo and everyone else made me feel as if I were meeting old friends and family. The Villa and the surrounding grounds were absolutely lovely and the food was not only plentiful and delicious, but gluten free for me!! As soon as Carla took me in the kitchen of the Villa, I knew the next few days were going to be nothing short of miraculous. Thank you Jovial Foods for memories I will treasure the rest of my life!


Winning our week in Tuscany with Jovial Foods was beyond a dream come true. Carla and her “family” at Jovial were amazing, generous, and the utmost gracious hosts at the villa. The Jovial family shares a strong sense of quality and connection in all they do including the people that work with them, the products they use and produce all the way to the thoughtful packaging that we see on the shelves. Our week was full of unforgettable food, sights, new friends, and lots of laughter- thank you Carla for sharing your passion and kindness with us.


I thank you so much for the wonderful experience spending a week with Jovial in Lucca. Carla the cooking classes were inspiring! The Passeggiata every evening in town pulled me back from whatever my mission was at the moment. I would love to import it to my neighborhood, even if it is transformed somehow into a “New World” style. Thank you for taking such good care of us. It was the trip of a lifetime!


We all had the greatest vacation of our lives, one I know my kids and I will cherish forever. Thanks for making it possible! The new Friends, the Villa, the Vistas were all amazing and of course the food was Delicious. Both of my children couldn’t have been happier! Thanks for going out of your way to make it special and being so accommodating with ALL of our food allergies.