Jovial Recipes


Jovial Culinary Getaways began in 2012

when Carla, the founder of Jovial Foods, Inc., hosted the first Gluten-Free Getaway at the villa in Lucca to help bring awareness to the company’s new gluten-free pasta products. The villa is steps away from where jovial’s pasta is made.

The guests had the time of their lives and now we look forward to sharing this great location and cooking awareness with more and more people in the future.

Join Carla, Lorenzo and Paola, our pasta artisans, and we’ll prepare delicious, gluten-free and wholesome foods with ancient einkorn wheat together. You’ll have time to relax, time to cook and time to visit Tuscany.

“I am so happy to have the opportunity to share the Italy that I love so much with a like-minded group of people who love great food and conversation. The villa really seems like a dream and it brings the best out of each group. This destination is even better in person than in pictures and the time we spend together here is magic.”

– Carla

About Carla

Born and raised in New England, Carla is the founder of Jovial Foods, Inc. and has been involved in the organic food industry for nearly twenty years. She carries a strong passion for organic food and has deep roots in Italy where she has lived for many years with her Italian-born husband and their children. Carla is passionate about food and loves to cook. She recently published her very first cookbook, Einkorn: Recipes for Nature’s Original Wheat, composed of 100 recipes using the ancient grain einkorn. She is excited to host Jovial Culinary Getaways at this beautiful villa in Tuscany, and will be available throughout the getaway to answer questions and offer guidance throughout your stay.